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Size chart

Here is how to measure your child`s foot for a perfect fit.

  • Print out size chart, making sure it is printed in it`s original size and is NOT scaled.
  • Ask your child to stand on a piece of paper bearing weight on that foot.
  • Holding pencil perpendicular to the paper, mark big toe and heel or if you can get your child to stand still trace around his/her foot. Remember its crucial not to leave any space between pencil and a foot.
  • Now measure the distance between two furthest points.  More than likely the ruler will be at the angle, and that is a right way.
  • I know by this point your kiddo is probably anxious to go back to his/her busy day but you absolutely have to measure BOTH feet, pick the largest number, if it falls in between sizes round UP
  • If you are planning on wearing socks, measure with socks on
  • Do not size up for immediate wear


If all fails, paint your child’s foot with finger paint or simply wet it and stamp onto the paper, voila you`ve got the print to measure.